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We've met irl - "Modern observability in scalable infrastructure"

Hi amazing community! 👋 After a few interesting online events it was great to see your faces once again and have a friendly chat on last Thursday afternoon. Together with friends from Mambu and Uber we've exchanged our personal know-hows for your engagement and feedback. 🙏

Martynas Dabašinskas showed his viewpoint on Mambu Observability Platform: From Consumers to Owners!.

Michail Bredichin answered How Uber observability platform evolved to deal with scale.

Vytautas Šaltenis tought us that Observability Platform Is Not A Free Lunch.

And Martynas Apanavičius focused on Operational overhead through the lens of observability.

Haven't had a chance to listen on the spot? Don't worry, you can find a full recording of the talks here.

We value your feedback -

As always - join in to chat with us on Slack - 😀 🤙

A few more moments we captured:

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