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Shoot yourself in the foot - Databases on Kubernetes meetup highlights

Hi community! It was great meeting you yesterday in virtual setting and sharing our tech stories with you once again. We are happy to hear that you loved the swag and snack boxes we carefully crafted and sent out on the day of the event! 🍻

Now to recap the meeting - first of all we had Aleksej Trofimov introducing us to the topic. He covered the question of Why do we need? Up next we had Augustinas Stirbis from sharing his view on Storage for you database on k8s. Thanks Augustinas for interesting and easy to follow demo session! As a final presenter we had Tomas Vaičiūnas focusing on Persistent data gravity with cross region/zone mobility. We experienced cross region availability magic happening during his live show-and-tell when he showed us how smooth storage failover can actually be. Thank you all for amazing questions!

For anyone wanting to try this at home, you can find mentioned projects in our github repository -

Check out the slides here -

Send your feedback -

And let us know if you're excited for the next 2 events from series Databases on Kubernetes!

Chat with us on Slack - 😀 🤙

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